Perform the detail engineering design of the pilot SSOP plant (40 Kg/h operation capacity) by fully defining the installation, performing the hazard and operability study (HAZOP), developing the operation and maintenance manuals and defining the procurement of goods.

Work Package Leader: Rimon


Description of work

Rimon are experts in detailed engineering within WWTPs, therefore they will be the leaders of this work package. They will be assisted by Tridacna during the full design process since they have done the conceptual and basic designs and Beta will also collaborate in the development of supply chains. During this WP Rimon will refine already existing designs, plans and specifications developed previously by Tridacna. Detailed design will include outputs such as 2D and 3D models, P & ID’s, cost build up estimates, manuals, procurement plans etc. Rimon with the collaboration of Tridacna will identify the full cost of the project. The first step will be optimizing the thermochemical reactor and it will be done using simulation tools.


Task 1.1: Simulation of the SSOP reactor

Task leader: Rimon

The simulation of the sludge treatment within the reactor will be carried out in order to provide the optimum large scale reactor design and configuration as well as refine the conditions to increase the final oil production through the most efficient process. The goal of these analyses or simulations is to predict the behavior of the process computationally, and prior to manufacturing or physical construction of the system. It will reduce time and energy consumption providing the best configuration in terms of efficiency and fuel oil production. Rimon will subcontract this activity to a specialist in simulation who will carry out the following activities:

- (Computational Fluid Dynamic) tools. Through this multiphase analysis the flow distribution within the deposit and the effects of the different characteristics of the reactor will be studied. Using as input for modelling the parameters previously obtained by Tridacna during the development and testing of the prototype, and considering the demo reactor dimensions, load, and chemical conditions, will be introduced on the model to finally obtain the results that will ultimately give the reactor best design and optimum conditions.

- Optimization: The system will be improved after a first validation of the model has been done. This analysis will give the final reactor configuration. A scale up of the first design will be done in reach 40 kg/h sludge flow under the optimum working conditions and through the most efficient process.


Task 1.2:  Installation definition

Task leader: Rimon

Description: This task includes the full development of the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID) for the SSOP plant that will demonstrate the physical sequence of equipment and systems, as well as how these systems connect. Rimon will develop the P&ID diagram according to ISO 10628, ISO 14617 and ANSI/ISA S5.1 and generate the isometric drawings. Rimon will define the automatization and control signals for the process as well the auxiliary electric and pneumatic installations. They, along with Tridacna, will define the technical specifications of the valves and fittings in the installation (type, pressure and temperature of operation), select the equipment and prepare the equipment spec sheets. Rimon and Tridacna will define the testing and measurements to be done during testing and commissioning of the SSOP plant to ensure that the operation parameters optimize the performance of the plant.


Task 1.3: Operation definition

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Once the installation is fully defined, Rimon and Tridacna will prepare the plant operation manual that will contain an introduction and overview of the project, process & utility system description, process control and automation, equipment description, start-up procedure, normal operating procedure, shutdown procedure, health, safety & environment (HSE) and appendices if necessary. Rimon will use the P&ID diagram developed in Task 1.1. as the basis for the development of system control schemes and further safety and operational investigations (hazard and operability study, HAZOP). Rimon will also develop a maintenance manual that will include physical and functional descriptions of the equipment, troubleshooting, preventive maintenance procedures and schedules, corrective maintenance (repair requirements), parts lists and significant maintenance drawings.


Task 1.4: Supply chain development

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon will work up a bill of material that will include the number of units/meters of each item defined in the detailed design (i.e: pipes, valves, fittings, equipment, wires, etc.). Beta will collaborate in the search of materials suppliers to find the most cost-effective option.

Conceptual design for 40 kg  dry sludge pilot plant-


























                                                 side view ssop plant                                                                                                        Top view ssop plant including slude drier 


Conceptual design for 10 kg  dry sludge pilot plant- 



                                           side view ssop plant                                                                                                                           side view slude drier 


Caesarea, Israel