Founded in 1996, Rimon has a vast experience in designing, constructing and operating water and waste water infrastructures, waste water treatment plants and reuse systems and large-scale desalinization plant. We are the biggest private company in Israel that applies waste water reuse projects.

Rimon is a one-stop solution provider whose project execution expertise focuses on three main areas: water and effluents, gas and energy, and water-based solutions for mining. Its solutions for governmental and private sectors located around the globe are customized to meet the unique attributes of each client’s needs and conditions.

As a privately held company with a solid financial foundation, Rimon undertakes large-scale projects where its ability to propose innovative systems that best meet the client’s needs is a key differentiating feature. Specifically, the principle guiding Rimon when it crafts its solutions is implementing the option that offers the optimal total cost of ownership. This is proposed after conducting a thorough analysis of client needs including a lifecycle cost analysis that factors in efficient procurement and on-time delivery, construction, and project handover.

Address: 11 Bareket st, Industrial Park, Caesarea, Israel

Phone number: +972-4-6274589

Website link: www.rimonltd.co.il

Caesarea, Israel