The Project

SSOP combines a thermal extraction method working at low temperatures (300ÂșC) for transforming the organic matter in the sludge into oil with a steam stripping process for separation. In this way our process enables obtaining high oil yield (51% of organic matter is transformed) without the need for energy intensive methods using high temperatures and pressures which give other processing methods high overhead costs. Moreover, our steam stripping process enables an efficient separation ensuring the total absence of solids in the liquid fuel providing a higher yielding and purer bio-oil. Hence SSOP yields a liquid fuel which is storable, transportable and suitable for boilers that can be used to power the SSOP process or sold to the rapidly expanding bio-fuel market. Independent testing undertaken on our final bio-crude liquid fuel has shown that both the liquid and gaseous headspace components are of a good quality and allow usage in energy production facilities (see detailed analysis in the annexes). In this way our SSOP process would allow sewage WWTPs not only to power themselves (currently possible) but ensure that they become profitable enterprises which turn problematic sewage effluents into a renewable and sustainable source of energy. Our SSOP solution is cheaper than traditional disposal methods by at least one fifth up to a maximum of one tenth, which includes installation and operation costs, while transportation cost are none existent for SSOP.

Caesarea, Israel