Work package number7: Project management




Project supervision (progress according to schedule and budget, subcontracted work).

Management of all administration/contractual/legal aspects; communication with EASME representatives

Review of any potential technical risks; update of the contingency plan.

Work Package Leader: Rimon


Description of work

Task 7.1: Administrative coordination

Task leader: Rimon

Description: This task includes the organization of a communication structure centred on the Project Coordinator – Mr. Alon Tish – as official communication point between the Consortium and the EASME representative(s). This will facilitate the relationship with the EASME and ensure quick and accurate answers to any requests for the duration of the project, in addition to meeting contractual commitments.

As Project Coordinator, Mr. Tish will monitor the project progress against the Work Plan ensuring the project schedule is adhered to and the budget complies with the estimated plans.

Rimon will be responsible for the management and delivery on time of all Development and Demonstration (WP1 to WP5) and Commercialization, Dissemination and Communication (WP6) deliverables, Progress Reports and the Final Report as well as reporting on gender, societal and ethical issues of exploitation.

This task is devoted to the overall management of project documents/contracts including any potential modifications/updates of the Grant Agreement and/or the Consortium Agreement Any changes in the status or administrative data of any participant will be reported.


Task 7.2: Financial management

Task leader: Rimon

Description: This task involves the budgetary control of the project, including grant distribution from the EC, reporting labour/material/other costs and the preparation of financial statements (+ costs justification). Registering invoices and expenses eligible as a result of direct costs during the project (including performance, payments and control).


Task 7.3: Technical, commercial and associated Risk management

Task leader: Rimon

Description: This tasks will be supervised by the Commercialization Manager (Mr. Alberto Gonzalez) and the Technical Manager (Mr Alexander Brodt). With the direct support of the commercial and technical departments from the three partners, they will carry out a continuous review of results from WPs 1-5 in view of the planned timeframe and budget allocation focusing on both commercial and technical objectives, as defined in Section 1.1. In particular, for Mr Brodt (Technical manager), this includes also the supervision and monitoring of the subcontracted works and preparation of Activity Reports.

A risk assessment – both technical & commercial – will be carried out every 3 months using as base the Activity Reports, WP Deliverables and Milestones. Any deviation from the planned activities will be reported and thoroughly evaluated against the Risk and Contingency plan to ensure the minimum of impacts on the project. Rimon will take care of the technical risks update and monitoring of SSOP technology and Beta from those arising from bio-crude properties and characterization.

Caesarea, Israel