Work package number 6: IPR strategy, Dissemination and Commercialization Plan



Establish the dissemination channels and promotion of SSOP project results and prepare and implement the exploitation actions for the upcoming commercialization. Define the measures to ensure maximum awareness of targeted end users.

Work Package Leader: Rimon


Description of work

Task 6.1: Commercialization and IP management

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Based upon the preliminary Exploitation Plan developed by the SSOP consortium partners, Mr. Alberto Gonzalez, as Commercialization Manager and expert on biofuels, assisted by Mr. Alon Tish as the Project Coordinator, will oversee all the necessary actions in order to detail and enforce the future exploitation strategy from Month 4. The exploitation strategy will entail:

  • Market Analysis: Our market study, summarized in Section 2 (Sludge treatment market, bio-fuels market key figures, user’s needs, main competitors & competitive solutions), will be further consolidated with focus on potential customers´ niche markets: private municipal WWTPs. We will also include the market trends and competitors landscape (product costs, barriers of entry) where Europe will be prioritized. As part of this analysis, a technology watch will be carried out by the partners and monitored by Rimon to ensure that no new parallel sludge to oil treatment technology nor projects achieving our objectives are being developed and that our technology is protected during the project lifetime.

  • Intellectual Property (IP) management: SSOP technology is currently protected worldwide by PCT WO2009/083985. Rimon and Tridacna will continuously monitor publications and patents released during the execution of the project that might interfere or compete with SSOP.

  • Commercial Agreements: The presence of the Consortium partners in key markets aimed for further market penetration will facilitate the commercial agreements. Commercial agreements will be sought in our priority markets including UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands, where our main potential market is located (private WWTP).

The commercialization strategy will be continuously revised and we will prepare two reports that will be delivered to the Commission (D6.2 and D 6.3) in months 12 and 30 respectively.




Task 6.2: Dissemination activities

Task leader: Beta

Description: Mr. Alberto Gonzalez (commercialization manager) will lead this task whose main purpose is to ensure a broad and efficient dissemination of the SSOP project results and thus facilitate its commercialization. The dissemination activities will start early on, from Month 1. The effective promotion of SSOP results to the targeted stakeholders and key sector players will be done through various channels:

  • : Creation of a website in Month 4 of the project. The website will be updated on a monthly basis. The website will feature the following contents: Homepage (About the SSOP project), background, progress and achievements, contacts, news and private area. The public area will contain general information about the SSOP project developments, publishable activities, dissemination efforts, relevant meetings and conferences. This website will be linked to the partners´ corporate websites ( , and )

  • Elaboration of public and private target entities and contact list: Mr Matan Zvulum from Rimon and Mr. Alberto Gonzalez from Beta will make a list with the potential customers identified in the markets study (WWTPs, municipalities, water-boards, energy operators etc.). in order to keep them updated on SSOP project advances on a regular basis by e-mail

  • Production of promotional materials: Led by Alon Tish (Rimon), Alexander Brodt (Tridacna) and Alberto Gonzalez (Beta), the consortium partners will oversee the design and production of leaflets, Powerpoint presentations and commercial/demonstration videos. We will also take advantage of the professional e-networking platform, LinkedIn as well as other internet media like Youtube and Twitter to increase our online presence. 


Task 6.3: Communication

Task leader: Beta

Description: The team Alon Tish (Rimon) Alexander Brodt (Tridacna), and Mr. Alberto Gonzalez (Beta) will oversee the communications activities, ensuring they are based on personalization as much as possible, making a special effort on demonstrations to show the benefits to End Users and associated stakeholders. This personal contact will be carried out through:

  • Direct communication with existing and potential customers (from the partner´s network) and industrial associations on both the water sector (WWSTP, European Union of Water Management Association, European Water association, Acqueau) and bio-fuels (European Biomass Industry, Bio-based Industries Consortium and European Biomass Association).

  • Communication with the local media to increase the visibility of SSOP and the members of the consortium and show the society the innovation of our technology.

  • Publication of papers in scientific and sector magazines in wastewater treatment (and), sludge () and biofuels ()

  • Participation in relevant trade fairs, focusing first on the EU and international markets. Preliminary, we have selected: RMW 2016 (Birmingham, UK, Sept. 2016) that is the international expo for resource efficiency and waste management industry, Pollutec Lyon on environmental equipment and services for industry and also local authorities (Lyon, France, Nov. 2016) and Abwasser Praxis expo and congress which is focused in water management and treatment (Offenburg, Germany, Jan. 2017). Water Technology Exhibition ECWATECH (Moscow 2016) is also an excellent marketing platform for water & wastewater business development, introducing new technologies and market players to the Russian market, set-up of new projects and cooperation links. We have found that Terratec 2017 (Leipzig, Germany, Jan 2017), which is specialized in environmental technology services and also cover topics on renewable fuels will be a good forum to introduce SSOP bio-oil product.

  • Organization of open demonstrations to show first-hand our new technology, along with the documentation showing its technical characteristics, performances and potential applications of SSOP.

Caesarea, Israel