Work package number 5: Validation of Bio-crude



To fully characterize and assess the performance of the bio-oil generated by SSOP process as fuel for different engines. Determine the bio-crude refining processes required to achieve high value added tradeable fuel products and assess the viability of industrializing them in-house.

Work Package Leader: Beta


Beta will fully characterize the bio-crude obtained from SSOP process and test its performance as fuel for standard diesel engines and industrial boilers. Beta will determine the refining routes (separation of components by distillation processes, conversion and upgrading of by bio-oil components by catalytic/thermal cracking and/or treating solutions for impurities removal) to obtain tradeable product and evaluate its costs to determine the best route towards exploiting the crude: transforming into final products and direct sale or sale to refineries.


Task 5.1: Analysis of bio-oil

Task leader: Beta

Description: Beta will analyse the chemical composition of the crude bio-oil product by analysing all different parameters included in the main standards of petrol products (EN 590 standard for gasoil and EN 228 standard for gasoline) and biofuel products (EN 14214 standard for biodiesel). We will determine: density at 15ºC, viscosity, sulphur content, water content, ash content and oxidation stability.


Task 5.2: Bio-crude performance assessment

Task leader: Beta

Description: The performance of the bio-crude as fuel will be assessed by following the European Emission Standards analysing the exhaust gases of the engine (CO, CO2, HC, NOx, particulates…) and also analysing the overall performance of the fuel (engine fuel consumption, power supplied).


Task 5.3: Definition of refining route and assessment of economic viability of scale up

Task leader: Beta

Description: Beta will define a refining route including processes after studying the quality and characteristics of the crude bio-oil. This refining route will contemplate the main processes used in the crude fossil refining industry (separation of components by distillation processes, conversion and upgrading of by bio-oil components by catalytic/thermal cracking and/or treating solutions for impurities removal). After evaluating all the different possibilities, the strategy will be test at laboratory scale (0.5-5 litres batches). The final product obtained will be characterized by the same methods used in Task 5.1 and 5.2. Beta together with Rimon will assess the viability of further projecting a refining plant for producing refined oil products within the borders of the consortium in a near future.


Task 5.4: Preparation of standardization testing protocol and certification

Task leader: Beta

Description: Since there are no defined standards for testing bio-crude, Beta will work on developing a standard characterization protocol for this type of product to back-up its introduction in the fuel market. Beta will take as starting point the UNE-EN 14214:2013 V2+A1:2014 standard on biodiesel and also the gasoil and gasoline standards (EN 590+ EN228). Beta will test SSOP bio-crude and also bio-oils from different sources, if possible (fossil, vegetable oil industry and biomass) to check the representability of the selected parameters and methods. This way we will also help the European market to have methods for comparing bio-crude from different sources and assessing its quality. Beta will certify the bio-crude sustainability according to ISCC mechanism.



D5.1 –Report full characterization and performance of SSOP bio-oil
Deliverable leader: Beta

Description: Report on the chemical (composition, aromatics content, molecular weight distribution) and physical properties (density, viscosity, lower heating value, solid and water content) and on its performance in industrial boilers and diesel motors.


D5.2 – Report on refining route and viability assessment
Deliverable leader: Beta

Description: Refining route towards obtaining tradeable high value added fuels from SSOP oil and assessment of the economic viability of scaling up the process within the borders of the consortium.


D5.3– Testing protocol proposed for bio-crude
Deliverable leader: Beta

Description: Protocol for testing bio-oil from different sources.

Caesarea, Israel