Work package number 4: Validation of SSOP And Adaption





To test the performance of the SSOP plant and optimize its operation conditions

Work Package Leader: TRIDACNA



Description of work

We will run the plant with the real sludge coming from real Villaperez WWPT activity and test its performance according to the procedures stated in Task 1.1. Rimon, Tridacna, Stela and Beta will analyse the results for further optimizing the operation parameters of the plant


Task 4.1: Validation of the SSOP plant

Task leader: Tridacna

Description: Rimon and Beta will start-up the SSOP pilot plant for operation with real sludge and run it for 6 months to get representative parameters of normal operation. Rimon and Tridacna will perform the testing and measurements disclosed in Task 1.1 during this task, the sludge will be kindly supplied by Villaperez WWTP, located in the vicinity of Beta’s facilities.


Task 4.2: Analysis of results

Task leader: Tridacna

Description: Tridacna together with Rimon will analyse the results from the testing carried out in Task 4.1. to further optimize the process and technology parameters. Beta will analyse the resulting products (bio-crude, gas, char and ashes) in terms of acidity, humidity, etc. and will give feedback on the quality of the fuel according to their previous experience in bio-oils.


Task 4.3: Adjustment of operation conditions

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon will make the final adjustment of operation conditions to ensure optimal performance and 51% oil yield in Beta’s facilities.


Task 4.4: Compilation of results, update of manuals and “as-built” diagrams

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon update the operation and maintenance manuals according to the information obtained during commissioning of the plant. They will also update the diagrams to reflect the real constructed plant and highlight any modification from the diagrams and results obtained in WP 1. Beta will collaborate with Rimon in the “as-built” diagrams.


Task 4.5: Certification of the plant

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Certification of the full plant to ensure that it meets the European and international regulations. Rimon will certify the sustainability of SSOP process according to ISCC procedure, which is recognized worldwide.

Caesarea, Israel