Work package number 2: Sludge driers adaption to SSOP and redesign



To design, construct, commission and certificate the sludge drying unit for SSOP.

Work Package Leader: Stela


Description of work

Stela will design a sludge drying unit for treating 180 Kg/h of sludge that should evaporate 140 kg/h of water at 140ºC. The design will be done to meet the energetic requirement of consuming less than 25 kW to ensure that the energy can be obtained from the solid and gas fuels obtained as output of the SSOP process. This WP will be leaded by Stela, but Rimon and Tridacna will be involved in defining the technical requirements during the design phase.


Task 2.1: Adaption/design of the sludge drier

Task leader: Stela

Description: Stela will design the sludge drier for SSOP project according to RIMON’s technical specifications developed in Task 1.1. The drying system will comprise a drying tunnel and a set of conveyors and screws for transporting and cooling the dry sludge., as well as a granulating unit to conditioning the material in 11 mm pellets Stela will design the system, including a hot air fan, an exhaust air fan, a belt drive, a discharge screw, a cooling screw and a granulating unit. The target is evaporating 140 kg/h of water to reach a 90% solid sludge. Stela will prepare the corresponding specific operation and maintenance manuals for the final drying system design that will be incorporated to the general manuals developed by Rimon in WP1.


Task 2.2: Construction of the sludge drier

Task leader: Stela

Description: Stela will assemble the SSOP drying system in Beta’s facilities in Spain to further commission its operation.


Task 2.3: Commissioning of the sludge drier

Task leader: Stela

Description: Stela will start-up the drying unit in their facilities to tests the communication between the components of the machine and matter flow through the system. In a second step, Stela will load the dryer with 180 kg of 20% solids sludge (real sludge) and test the efficiency of water removal, evaporation rate, humidity of the final sludge The target is meeting a set of operation conditions that ensure achieving a 90% solids sludge with 25 kW energy consumption. The drying tests will be done at Beta’s facilities with the sludge kindly provided by the Villaperez WWTP, which has a capacity of 723,000 population equivalents.

Caesarea, Israel