Work package number3 : Assembly of the Demo Plant




To assemble the full SSOP pilot plant and testing the operation of all its components as well as communication between items.

Work Package Leader: Rimon


Description of work

Rimon together with Tridacna, Stela and Beta will assemble the full SSOP plant at Beta’s facilities and run it with sludge from Villaperez.


Task 3.1: Purchase of equipment and materials

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon will purchase the materials and items listed in the bill of material developed in Task 1.3. from the provider giving the “best value for money”. The materials will be received in Beta facilities, where the SSOP pilot plant will be installed.


Task 3.2: Building-up and assembling

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon will assemble the SSOP drying system in Beta’s facilities assisted by Beta in every moment. During this tasks some civil works will be required and they will be subcontracted to a local civil construction company on the basis of “best value for money”. Beta will coordinate the correct development of civil works.

Task 3.3: Commissioning of SSOP plant

Task leader: Rimon

Description: Rimon, with the cooperation Stela, Tridacna and Beta will start up the SSOP pilot plant and run it in dry conditions to check the correct communication between the electronic systems, operation of valves and equipment. In this task, the engineering experience of all the partners is a valuable resource towards solving potential operation problems that might arise during these first tests. Rimon will subcontract the set-up of a simulation tool for the modeling of mass and energy balances of the whole process scheme from A to Z, including the drier, the thermo-chemical extraction plus the steam stripping and the final separation and the heat generation system as a tool for predicting the working conditions and configuration of the different stages according to different sludge characteristics.

Caesarea, Israel