BETA Group was founded in 2011 with the aim of providing sustainable integrated energy services. We propose a new lifestyle in which the reduction of the carbon footprint and the introduction of sustainability in competitive markets is our reason for being. Our business model is strengthened by a vertical integration into the value chain, by being present in each of the “steps” that form it.

In our strategic business line, the internationalization process takes on special importance as a way to diversify our various production areas by contributing value as a technologist in biofuel.


We are currently carrying out R&D+I engineering projects in Colombia with the objective of on increasing domestic biodiesel production, with a number of related indirect targets: Self-sufficiency and diversification of raw materials, improvement in competitiveness, technological interaction between the fields and industry, multidisciplinary development of the municipalities involved, employment creation and promotion of local integration and investment in the municipalities involved.

Address: Avda. Jardín Botánico 1345 , Gijon (Spain)

Phone number: +34 985175 331

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Caesarea, Israel